Status and Trend of Using Rice in Food and Non – Food Processing Industries

Onanong  Naivikul




        Rice is the oldest  traditional  staple food for Asian and the half of the world consumption. Rice products are indicated  culture and way of life. Now a day, the Western habit of eating is increasing to influence the new generation of Asian, which includes the lower consumption of rice products.  The situation of rice products trend to face the problem for the traditional rice products.  Thailand is one of the other Asia countries that try to solve this problem by developing the process and products, including search for the new products to meet the taste of the consumers.  The general categories of rice products are brown rice, milled white rice, waxy rice and aromatic rice.  The processed forms for value – added applications are parboiled rice, quick – cooking rice, individually  quick – frozen rice, rice cracker, rice breakfast cereals, crisped rice, rice cake, young rice milk, rice drink, soup and desserts. The use of rice as a food ingredients will be the future trend as functional benefits, health attributes and ethnic foods.