Status and Trend of Using Rice by Products in Thailand



Anurojana Punyawan, DVM

Feed Technology Ofiice ,  CP Group Company Ltd

313 Silom Road Bangkok, Thailand 10500



The total amount of animal feeds production will increase from 10.0 M metric tons in 2004 to 11.6 M metric tons. Rice, broken rice and rice bran can be used in animal feed depend on their economic values, nutrient compositions, and animal requirements.

Rice is very limit used in animal feed because it has the same nutrients as corn but has one to two times higher in price.  Broken rice and rice bran are commonly used in some animal feeds due to their price and the animal requirements.

The trend of using rice by products depends mainly on rice market and swine and chicken productions. Based on our statistic information in the past ten years, it can be concluded that the trend of rice by products usage will keep increasing if the rice market is growing.