Enriched food in Vietnam, ENALAZ, which makes rice the main ingredient




Faculty of Regional Sciences, Tottori University, 680-8551, JAPAN






Child Nutrition Center in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam, has made many kinds of nutritional products, which are used for seriously ill patients, malnourished children, lactating mothers, etc. According to the CNC report, most of hospitalized patients is starved or receive very low energy food since hospitals have not always kitchen and the patientsf food is supplied by their family.  Other patients are suffered from poor digestive and absorptive capacity and deficient chewing ability.  The percentage of malnourished children is about 40% in some regions and the essential cause is energy deficiency.

ENALAZ which makes rice the main component has been developed in about 1995.  The nutritive value and locally available raw materials were considered in its development. Then, the product which responds suitably for the needs of the hospitals and of the patients treated at home with an acceptable price, is made mainly from cheaper and safer foods harvested in Vietnam, and enriched with minor nutritional compounds.

One pack of ENALAZ contains 250g,  and the addition of 900ml of water provide a greenish yellow drink of 1000Kcal.

The process of ENALAZ manufacture is very simple.  The mixture of raw materials is processed by an extruder, grinded, and then mixed with minor nutrients such as malt powder, vitamins, minerals, amino acid, and packed. Raw materials are rice (moisture is kept at 20%),  sweet potato (sliced and dried),  soybean ( husked and thermally treated),  sesame (dried), etc.

Future subjects are as follows:

E Inhibit the development of unpleasant odorous flavor during storage of ENALAZ.

E Identify volatile compounds for the measure attaining its stabilization.

E Make rice-based foods palatable to market requirement: they will serve for babies, children, sports participants, persons with an eating disorder, etc.

E@Try to promote a nutritional value, e.g. by using germinated brown rice of Indica type.